Classes and Activities

Hi!  Here are all the classes!

Fashion/Hair Styling

Also, here are the activities for Summer Camp!

1. Crafts: You and your doll can make a bunch of different crafts-- from doll pencils to doll belts.  You will always have a new craft to try.  You will be shown a craft each week and you can try it out if you want to and post pictures of the results! :)  Be sure you leave the link!

2. Nature Walks: You and your doll will be able to look at pictures of a nature walk each week.  Who knows what things you could see!  You will be able to take pictures of things you see when you go outside such as flowers!  Then again, you will be able to post pictures, but be sure to leave the link!

3. Gymnastics: Your doll can learn to do lots of things- from splits to a back handspring.  You can post pictures of your doll learning different things in gymnastics!  Again, be sure to leave the link!

4. Horseback Riding: Your doll will learn to ride horses.  She will learn to walk, trot, and canter.  You can take pictures of your doll on a pretend horse or next to a real one!  Be sure to post pictures of your doll doing these things and leave the link!

5. Sports: Your doll will learn how to play different sports such as kick ball and volleyball!  She will have lots of fun playing with her friends!

6. Archery: Your doll can learn archery!

6. Stories: Your doll can make up her own stories and post them for the other dolls to read!  You may also post pictures to go with the story! :)