Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New member!

Hello girls!
We have a new member to the camp!
It is Gwen! Emma Wright's dolls!:D

I really would like it if some more people could join!

So please comment on one of our doll's post to be a cabin buddy!:D

Thank you!:D

Summer Camp Cabin Buds! {Gwen} (Emma's doll)

Hi!  I am going to Summer Camp!  Would any of you dolls like to be my cabin buddy?  I would like to have up to 2 cabin buddies, so the first to to comment will get to be my cabin buddies!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Check out our new page!

Guess what?! We have a new page!

The page is called The dolls at camp!
There you can view all the dolls' profiles!

I hope you like it!


Cabin Buddies? {Emily}

Hello Girls!
I am joining summer camp!

So...I was wodering if any of you wanted to be my cabin buddy?

Here is my profile:

Name:Emily Bettant
Age: Dont really have one,same as Kit!
DOB: September 29th

About me:
"I am very shy,I love Math,I love to make good friends,and I don't stay up that late."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Want to be cabin buddies? {Kit}

Hi gals! I am going to summer camp!
I can't wait!
Well,I just wanted to say if anyone wanted to be cabin buddies?!

I'll give you a little profile of me!

Name: Kit
Age: Well Mackenzie hasn't really given me an age yet,so i guess i will say 10
DOB: May 19th

A little about me:
"I love to write! I will stay up really late and type on my typewriter!
I love to laugh and play! And I never stop talking! Well..nope never stop talking! I talk in the morning,in the afternoon,and in the night while I'm sleeping!
I love to wake up early and get ready! And most of all have fun with my friends!
Oh,and I love to find out about things!"

If any of you want to be my cabin buddy,just comment!

But think about it!

More of my sisters will want to join summer camp!

So wait and see who you want to cabin with!

Your girl,


Please sign up!

I have some new things for signing up to be at our summer camp!

1.Just email me on the contact page.
2.send me an email of a pic(s)of your 18 inch AG doll(s).
3. Please say her name,age,and date of birth.
4.then i will invite you to join the summer camp!

Thank you all soo much,have a great summer!

Welcome Raven(Hannah's doll)

Welcome Raven!

Here is Raven's profile for entering our summer camp!
Name: Raven Autumn Maple
Age: 13
DOB: August 1st.

Thanks Raven for joining our Summer Camp!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to University of American Girls!

Since it is the begining of summer the school wouldn't be open till the begining of the school year.

But! You can join our summer camp!

You will share a cabin with another student.

To sign up for the summer camp just comment with your dolls name,and contact me on the contact page.

If you want,your doll doen't have to join the school to join the camp,she can just go to camp for the summer.

When you contact me,just say you want to sign up your doll(s) for summer camp!

Then I will invite you to join the blog for your doll to post on here about her summer!

And when summer camp is over,and you don't want to join the blog anymore,I could just cancle you from being a blog athor till next summer.

So come and join up!

Have a wonderful summer!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coming soon.....

University of American Girls
This blog is under contraction,due to the background and design of this school for American Girl dolls.