Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thank you Reece!!


2012 has been a great year at the school so far!  We have at least 3 posts on here per week!!  Keep it up everyone!

I would like to thank Reece from The Doll Friend for being such an awesome teacher here at University of American Girls.  She posts the most on here!  Please go follow her blog:

She would absolutely love it if you followed!  (By the way, her blog is awesome!)

"Busy Prepostions"

Time for another English class. Today is about prepositions or as I recall School House Rock liked to call them "busy".
Here is the lesson:
Here is the assignment:

Please sign the comment with your doll's name(s) and answers. Do you need any help or have some questions? Ask those in the comments as well! Oh and you have until FRIDAY to complete this assignment.
Class dismissed,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And the full scholarship goes to......

Hey Everyone! On my blog post, The weekend one, Alexis said,Hi
Here are my doll's answers:

1. 48
2. 802
3. 540

By Julie, Felicity, Kanani, Bella, Emily, and Kirsten
Well she gets a full scholarship for summer camp for getting them right! Reece also got 2 right and 1 wrong. But there is still tine on saturday! Alexis, Please contact me at

A History of American GIrl

Today I'll be teaching History! Not boring but the history of the awesome company American Girl!!! This is directly off the AG website:

American Girl’s mission is to celebrate girls. We embrace who they are today and look forward to who they will become tomorrow.
Since the first catalogue debuted in 1986, American Girl has provided inspiring products for each stage of a young girl’s development—from her preschool days of baby dolls and fantasy play through her tween years of self-expression and individuality. Through an array of premium-quality books, dolls, clothes, toys, and accessories, American Girl has earned the loyalty of millions of girls and the praise and trust of parents and educators.
American Girl first introduced a line of historical characters, which currently includes Kaya®, Josefina®, Addy®, Rebecca®, Kit®, Molly®, Julie®, Marie-Grace™, and C├ęcile™, that come to life through extraordinary books, 18-inch dolls, and accessories. These nine-year-old fictional heroines live during important times in America’s past, providing “girl-sized” views of significant events that helped shape our country, and they bring history alive for millions of children.
In 1992, the company launched American Girl® magazine, an age-appropriate publication designed to affirm self-esteem, celebrate achievements, and foster creativity in today’s girls. With over 470,000 subscribers, the magazine ranks among the top-ten children’s magazines in the nation and is the largest magazine dedicated exclusively to girls. In 2010, American Girl received the prestigious National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Gold Award.
In 1995, the company debuted a line of contemporary 18-inch dolls and accessories that has since evolved into My American Girl®. The My American Girl product line lets every girl create a truly special doll that’s just right for her, then bring her doll to life in a safe, enriching online world that promotes learning and helps girls to be their best.
For younger girls ages 3 to 6, American Girl also introduced the Bitty Baby® and Bitty Twins® lines of soft, huggable baby and toddler dolls and related toys that encourage nurturing behavior.
American Girl products are marketed and distributed through the company’s award-winning catalogue; its website,; and at its proprietary retail stores. The American Girl books are also available in bookstores nationwide. Since 1998, American Girl has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mattel, Inc.
American Girl is headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin, in two warehouse operations and distribution facilities totaling 560,000 square feet. With the eleven American Girl retail stores and additional warehouse and distribution sites, the company’s facilities total 1.7 million square feet.
Among the company’s various locations, nearly 1,900 women and men are currently employed full- or part-time throughout the year, with the ranks swelling to more than 4,200 during the pre-holiday season.
Ellen L. Brothers serves as president of American Girl and executive vice president of Mattel, and she also serves on the Mattel Leadership Team.

Was this interesting? I know history can be boring, but I hope this wasn't.
No assignment,
Class dismissed!