Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gymnast Winner!!!

This is your favorite gymnast from team U.S.A! Gabby Douglas! This week I need you all to work on your floor work. Make a vid and email it to me at: Katie4Rain@gmail.com . Or you can email me a picture! Have a great week! Also, I will be in DisneyLand next week so will most likely not post.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Which gymnast?

Which gymnast from your country for the Olympics is your favorite? The gymnast with the most votes will have a picture of herself on my next post.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bye AGMarket!

AGMarket is leaving UOAG/CAG.  :)  We will all miss you, AGMarket! :)


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stories #2

Hello!  Sorry I didn't post this on Thursday! :)  Okay, so the people that are in  stories are: Alyssa's dolls, Katie's dolls, and AGMarket's dolls. :]

Today...come up with the characters names, ages, and personalities! :]

Also, follow my other blog: http://agfun.thewrightfamily.name/

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to do a Backbend

Here is a link on how to do a standing backbend:CLICK HERE. Hope this helped and see you next week campers! And have fun!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fresh Lemonade! Ice Cold Lemonade!! :)


Craft day!

Doll Diaries has awesome crafts, they partnered with Karenmomofthree for this craft. It looks like a lot of fun! I think I will end up making it. :)

How to Make a Lemonade Stand for Dolls

(see that surfboard?? I am so sure that is easy to make.)

Things you need:
1. Cardboard
2. Some suplys from the dollar store.

Supplies for lemonade stand

Karen found these for $0.50 each, now that is a cheap great looking craft!

Make a surfboard for your dolls

For the surf board, it is super easy. She made the pattern by itself. If you see the first photo the pattern was the perfect fit.

doll sized lemonade stand and surf board

Awesome right?? It looks great, not to make the stand.....

This will need a project board, they are lik $2.00 at Walmart or Target. Or get a piece of cardboard and fold the sides.

how to make a lemonade stand like Kanani's shave ice stand

"Once it is cut out then you can decorate it by taping the store bought garland to the cardboard front or you can just draw and color your own designs."

lemonade or shave ice stand for dolls craft

So cool! I think this is awesome and very very inexpensive! You could make like 50 surfboards and have a surf shop or something! :) Send me your pics when (if) you make it! AGMarketCluub@hotmail.com - I will share them with everyone here.

Have a nice day! :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sports Day 2 (sorry!)

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was out of town until pretty late last night.

Day 2- Basketball
For basketball, you should get either a mini basketball or a ball of paper. You also want to get a mini basketball hoop from a dollar store (they have them at craft stores and party stores as well). If you can't find a hoop, simply tape a rigid circle of some sort to a wall so that the hole is facing the ground.

Make a key around your basketball hoop with some chalk (if you set up outside), or use painters tape on wood or tile floor, if your parents allow you to. Don't put this on carpeting, because it sticks to all the fibers in the carpet.

Teach your doll how to shoot a basket and do a layup!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


sorry for not posting yesterday my computer wasnt working and i was busy so i am just going to post it today :
  1. Mount your horse.Usally you have to mount from the left side of your horse, but it is good for your horse to mount from both sides.
  2. Find your balance riding.
    Find your balance riding.
    Find your balance riding. On your first lesson, your riding instructor will probably lead your horse or put him on a lunge line while you get used to the feeling of riding a horse. If you feel unbalanced, hold onto your horse's mane until you feel balanced again.
    • If you move at a brisk pace, you'll be able to feel a rocking motion as you ride. Your seat should naturally move with the motion. Your arms also need to move with the motion of your horse; though you should have light contact with your horse's mouth, keep your elbows light and move them with the horse.
    • When you ride, look straight forward and keep your back straight. About a third of your boot should be in the stirrup, and keep your heels pointing down. Don't let your leg go too far forward as if you're sitting in a chair - this is called the "chair seat" and is incorrect. Your shoulder, hip, and heel should all be aligned.
  3. 5
    Use aids to control your horse.
    Use aids to control your horse.
    Use aids to control your horse. Aids are what you use to control your horse. They can be natural, such as your hands, seat, and legs, or artificial, such as a crop (whip) or spurs.
    • To make your horse move forward, squeeze with your calves. Horses that do not move forward after a gentle squeeze may need your squeeze to have more energy in it. Some people will say lazy or stubborn horses require kicks with your legs or the use of a crop or spurs but if a horse has been correctly educated then this amount of force is not needed. Remember, ask yourself the question, if a horse can feel a fly land on it then why would it need so much more force to get it to do things?
    • To make your horse halt, sit deep in the saddle and apply pressure with the reins. You can also say "whoa". Practice halting your horse without using your reins; your horse should respond to your seat.
    • To turn your horse, pull the left or right rein out to the side and apply pressure with your outside leg. You have to add pressure with your outside leg or your horse will turn his head as much as you please - while going straight forward.
  4. 6
    Learn how to trot.
    Learn how to trot.
    Learn how to trot. Once you're confident at the walk, squeeze tighter and start trotting. You can sit or post the trot.
    • When you sit the trot, sit deep in the saddle and keep contact with your legs. Be careful to keep your elbows relaxed, so you don't jerk on your horse's mouth - you can also try sitting the trot on the lunge line without reins.
    • To post the trot, rise up in your stirrups every other step. Point your heel down and keep contact with the horse's mouth.
      • When you post the trot, you'll have to think about diagonals. Horses trot moving their legs diagonally. When you're moving to the left, you should rise when your horse's right shoulder is forward. When you're moving to the right, rise when your horse's left shoulder is forward. Try to just look with your eyes when you're checking your horse's diagonal - you could lose your balance if you turn your whole head.
  5. 7
    Learn how to canter.
    Learn how to canter.
    Learn how to canter. The canter is a rocking gait similar to a rocking horse, except faster. To canter, move your outside leg slightly back and squeeze. Use this signal while you're at a slow trot; don't just speed up your horse or he'll usually start trotting quickly instead of cantering.
    • When you sit the canter, your seat rolls with the canter and you stay in the position you normally ride in. Don't tense up - keep your upper body still and keep a steady contact with your horse's mouth.
    • You can also canter while in the half-seat. You can sit in the half-seat by inclining your shoulders forward slightly (but don't slump!) and rotating your pelvis forward. You can also sit in the two-point position while cantering, but this is generally only used while jumping.
  6. 8
    Have fun with your horse! Riding is an incredible sport, and you can do anything from polo to trail riding.
    Have fun with your horse! Riding is an incredible sport, and you can do anything from polo to trail riding.
    Have fun with your horse! Riding is an incredible sport, and you can do anything from polo to trail riding. Enjoy! oh and the mckenna movie is tonight!

Friday, July 13, 2012

It is not my day to post.

It isn't my day to post, but I am pretty upset because I got no comments on my Stories post. :(  Please comment!  http://agdollschool-bymackenzie.blogspot.com/2012/07/stories-1.html

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gymnastics Picture Winner

This is Alyssa's doll Rebecca doing gymnastics, she learned how to do a hand-stand! And next week your doll will learn how to do a back bend! See you later campers!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Craft Time! - Who wants Cotton Candy?


All of you enjoying camp? I know my dolls are, right now they are swimming in a puddle in front of the house!

Ok, thank you Emma for posting for me last Monday!

I was going to post about how to make a wreath sorta crown, but I lost my camera with the pictures! So here is a tutorial, "How to make Cotton Candy".

I got this From "KarenMomofThree" blog, she has awesome (and easy) crafts all the time!

Ok, so this is the picture form "KarenmomofThree".

First you make a cone out of card stock. Then you get some fiber out (cotton ball would work too), and  sew it together (Needlework). To make the kind of cotton candy shape you will need. Then you get the hot gun out and glue the fiber onto the card stock (or the cone). DONE under 5 minutes.

Fun, right? Check out more fun things to do here on her blog!  Or wait every Monday for a new craft!

Have fun crafting!

AGMarket :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sports Day 1- Volleyball

Click on the image to read! Sorry about the bad drawings, I'm bad at drawing hands :/.

Oh, and the other stuff I did...

I made a bow and arrow for my doll! The bow is made out of one of those cheap hotel toothbrushes, some duct tape, and some stretchy string. The arrow is a Nerf dart. I found it was easier to shoot than toothpicks.

Friday, July 6, 2012


hello peoples today i am going to tell you how to get your horse ready to ride

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stories #1

Hello and welcome to the first day of 'Stories'!  :)  Do you like writing stories of your own?  Do you want to improve on writing?  Then this is the activity for you!  In this activity, each week we will talk about something new: coming up with story ideas, coming up with story characters, story setting, and at the end of summer camp you will have your own story!

So today we will talk about what you want your story to be about.  Think about what you want it to be about and leave a comment!

See you all next week!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ELLO Govenors

Hi! I am not here for the nature walks, but I just wanted to say happy 4th of July. So, my dolls were just walking around last night on a early 4th of July walk and saw this (just kidding its from YouTube).  HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


McKenna worked on her gymnastics today for Camp AG and did a perfect flip on the vault. Check it out!

Next week I am going to post pictures of other dolls doing gymnastics so please send in a picture to Katie4Rain@gmail.com

Monday, July 2, 2012

Craft #1-Make your own Summer Keepsake Journal

Hello!  Today AGMarket isn't able to post the first craft, so I am posting it for her! :)  Enjoy!
This is Karenmomofthree's Craft and I have her permission to use it.  {Although, I came up with the steps}

1. Notebook (human or doll size).  Found for cheap prices at dollar stores.

2. American Girl craft stickers.  Found at Michael's.

3. Markers or letter stickers.


1. On the notebook use the markers or letter stickers to spell out 'Summer Keepsake Journal'. 

2. Decorate the notebook with the AG craft stickers.  Make sure they stick on well.  If they don't, try using glue. {If you use hot glue, be sure to have adult supervision.}

3. Now you're done!  Let glue try if you used it.

4. Now you can fill it with all of your doll's summer adventures!


If you make this, be sure to post pictures of it on your day to post! :)  Check the schedule HERE.

~Emma (and AGMarket)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Archery #1-How to make a bow and arrows

How fun is archery without a bow and arrows?
So, here's how to make some. Sorry for no pics, I  left my camera at my grandma's house. Eep. Next week will have pics, I promise!


1. Get a nice stick.

  • Pine is really good, because it's strong and light, but any stick will do.
  • Don't tear them from the tree, but grab a dry one. It will last longer.
  • Make sure the stick is slightly curved and that it doesn't break when you fold it a little.
2. Get the bowstring.
  • Anything will do...
  • elastic thread
  • thin twine
  • string
  • yarn
3. Wrap the end of the string around the end of the stick.

4. Stretch the string and tie the other end to the other end of the stick.
  • Make sure it's nice and tight!
5. Cut off the excess.


Arrows- Toothpicks or small sticks are fine. 'Notch' them in the string, pull the string back a bit, and shoot!
It's supposed to actually work, for about 5-10 feet.

I hope that you liked it!

 Next up: Target practice. Make a target, and learn how to shoot!
Have an awesome summer,